09 June 2008 @ 09:00 pm
I just got back in from checking my garden, and the gnats are out in full force. I didn't think of putting on any Off before I headed out because they haven't been bad yet this year, and it's relatively cool out tonight, so why worry? I also don't like spraying myself with insect repellent all that much, but I'll cave and do it when I'm out in the woods or the long grass. But when I'm out in the garden for fifteen minutes, I don't want to have to cover myself with chemicals to stay unscathed.

I've got a bite on my elbow, three or four on my lower back where my t-shirt rode up, and a couple other suspicious spots elsewhere. I know we've got some Afterbite in the house somewhere, but I can't locate it, and I don't think my mother would appreciate it if I tore apart her medicine cabinet in pursuit.

About that ethics and LJ icons I mentioned in my last entry: This page of Austen/Bronte icons was posted by the author in one of the communities I'm a member of, and I went, "Ooh, pretties!" Unfortunately, I looked at the pages she had linked in the sidebar, and one of them was Ladies Against Feminism. Now, the name was enough to get my hackles up, because . . . how can you be a woman and be against feminism? Then I clicked on it, and saw it was led by Jenny Chauncey and I knew I didn't want to look at it. "Oh," you say, "but her sewing patterns are so wonderful! What's wrong with her?"

Here's why )

I'm not really expecting anyone on my friends list to be in rampant disagreement with me, but there it is. Is it right to support, however little the gesture, someone whose world philosophy you are in complete disagreement with? Can I use icons in my LJ made by someone whose world philosophy I find offensive?
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