26 November 2007 @ 07:11 am
I have declared today to be a day of getting things done. Here are the things I will do:

  1. Clean room.
  2. Get canvas, muslin and silk cut out for Victorian corset.
  3. Write 4,000 words before lunch, and 4,000 words after lunch.
  4. Finish hemming kirtle that I started to hem last fall.
  5. Finish hemming Tudor kirtle I started this summer, and reattach skirt. Bad cartridge pleating.
  6. Finish binding Elizabethan bodies started in July and sitting forlornly in period undergarment drawer since then.

If I get half these things done, it will be a successful day. Especially item 3.

Random thought: Norah is a great, great name. Must work it into NaNo somehow, as female main character is named Eleanor/Helena.
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30 July 2007 @ 12:35 am
I just broke a lightbulb in my sewing area in the basement. So much for sewing tonight. I just hope the cat doesn't decide to eat any little shards of glass, since it's too late to vaccuum. My sewing machine is several magnitudes quieter than the Shopvac.

I broke it in the stupidest way, too. I have one of those reading lamps with a clamp clamped onto the wardrobe I keep my fabric in. Unfortunately, the only place to clamp it is on the top where the door opens. I was getting fabric out, and moron that I am, opened the door without removing the lamp first. Crash, smash, glass all over the rug. Maybe I need to re-think the whole lamp situation.

My corset is complete except for the tabs, which I've been hemming and hawing over putting on. They're not boned so they're really not going to do anything, and I generally don't wear farthingales, so the tabs aren't going to be stopping a heavy skirt from sliding down. But they're so pretty I had to have them. So I currently have the silk for the tabs cut out, but not the canvas, because that's what I was getting out of the wardrobe.

The corset, by the way, is amazing. The shape is perfect -- I never thought I'd achieve that flat-busted, conical torso, but this corset brings it. I almost love it so much I want to wear it in public, so I can say, "See this? I made it. It fits and it's the right shape. Neener, neener."
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