23 April 2007 @ 09:29 pm
Yaaaarrrrrr! This is so frustrating. I just want five or six yards of a large repeat brocade, suitable for a Venetian dress* ca. 1560-80, preferably jewel tones of red, blue or green. It doesn't even have to be silk -- I'll settle for a cotton blend. And I don't want to spend more than $75.

And I keep finding stuff that I like, but there's only a half yard of it, or it's only 20 inches wide or I discover it's some sort of fuzzy hideousness when I look at the close-ups.

World of fabric, why do you fail me now? *wails* I swear to god, I was running across this stuff all the time last fall when I was planning the Dickens dress, and now I can't find more than a yard of it anywhere.

I should just go with the skulls and call it quits.

*I think there is little chance of me avoiding an Italian persona. The clothing is just so elegant and pretty and makes me feel elegant and pretty and dainty and ladylike and . . . sigh. I just wish I was more interested in Italian culture.
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21 April 2007 @ 09:52 pm
I went to my first SCA event EVER today, and had a good time. For it, I was planning on whipping up (cue maniacal laughter) out of this burgundy velvet I got for a song, but the fabric doesn't want to be that. It wants to be mid-sixteenth century Venetian. Or maybe just Italian -- based on the Eleanora di Toledo gown.

Anyway, I made a pair of sleeves and a sash for a dress I finished a long time ago and never took pictures of. The dress is actually made out of a stretch jacquard, but it doesn't really look it until I step on the hem, which doesn't happen much because the hem is the right length. Go, friend and your mad hem-marking skills!

Oh, I also hemmed it . . . last night. You know, because finishing doesn't actually mean hemming.

WARNING: Don't look at my face. I look . . . dyspeptic.

Two pictures of a lobster courtesan )

There ya go, guys. Lobster in a dress!

EDIT: Fixed the second picture. It really is of the back, now.
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