24 December 2007 @ 02:13 am
The Arctic Diamonds Stole is finally blocking. Behold! You can see how towards the end, I got tired and frustrated and just started poking in pins wherever they'd go. Straight lines are for people who do stuff right!

Tomorrow morning I'll weave the ends in and fix the place where I had to drop some rows and re-knit.

I'm exhausted, my wrists hurt, and I reek of wet alpaca. At least I get to open presents tomorrow night, though. Speaking of which, I'm highly suspcious of what my sister got me. She told me that she found it months ago, she's thrilled with it, and she's convinced that I'll love it. The last time that happened, I ended up with a collection of the Founding Fathers' writings on morality, because, as Rachel said, I "love all that old-fashioned writing."

This could be terrifying. I could discover things about myself I never even had an inkling of.
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21 December 2007 @ 08:31 pm
I am very near to finishing my sister's Christmas present. I have only 60 rows left to do by tomorrow night, so I have time to block it thoroughly.

See? )

It's spread across my twin-sized bed, so it's just slightly too long to fit across it at this point. The two white liens near the top are lifelines; the distance between them is one pattern repeat. Each repeat is a whopping 63 rows long -- interminable when it comes to lace knitting.

It feels like it's never going to end. I know it will -- I've knit over 20 rows today, and I'll probably finish the last pattern repeat tonight. That means I'll have only 30 rows to knit tomorrow. Totally achievable. But I am so tired of dark purple alpaca/silk AND size 4 needles. Christ himself would be ready to ask Peter to finish this project. (Peter, naturally, would deny him three times.)

I know my sister will love it, though, and I know precisely what she'll do when she opens the box. She'll gasp, take it out of the issue paper, hug it, and then wrap it around her neck or drape it over her shoulders. And then she'll do something silly like drape it over her head or pretend to be a vampire. That's why I love my sister, folks: She's always looking for a good excuse to pretend she's Dracula.

Is it wrong that I'm already thinking about what shawl I can knit her for her wedding next September? I think it might be a good reason to buy "Victorian Lace Today." Or knit something in cobweb weight yarn! This is the dress she likes*. Any suggestions for a suitable lace shawl?

*I'm not saying she won't end up with something totally different. Probably not meringue-y, but there might be some empire-waist action going on.
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