14 September 2008 @ 06:26 pm
Today I gave myself a day off. And so did everybody else. Hooray! I think I earned it, since the last couple weeks haven't been anything but cursing. (And moving cattle. Which was really just more cursing, now that I stop and think about it.) So today I slept in and took a nap. Good combination, since my family now seems to be made up of human beings rather than demons.

The weather continues cold and rainy, which is great. No, really! It is. This means that my rutabagas will be storing up lots of energy for winter and getting hyooge. They are already heading toward baseball size, so by the first frost, they should be softball size. I thinned the row out a couple weeks ago, and they're delicious. After the first frost, they should be really sweet and at the height of their rutabaga perfection.

Unfortunately, all this rain also means that my tomatoes are splitting on the vine. So sad. They have to be thrown out, because the cracks invite bacterial and fungal growth. Bleh.

And now, some lists.

Wedding Stuff Left To Do

1. Put the zipper in my dress and hem it.
2. Wash and frame Rachel and Bubba's wedding gift, and knit potholders to match.*
3. Make ringbearer's pillow. Very simple. I could do this tonight and do the finishing while watching Mad Men and True Blood.
4. Make two or three little bags for the bridesmaids to put lipstick, ID, etc. into. I might not make one for myself, because I'm a rebel like that.
5. Wax my upper lip! Cannot forget to do this! I'd hate for Rachel and Bubba's kids to be looking through her wedding album and say, "Mommy, I didn't you had three brothers. Why is one of them wearing a dress?"

Crafting/Sewing/Blahdiblah To Do After Wedding

1. Start Mom's Christmas present. Must find a different verse to plop in the middle, since we are not at all religious and she doesn't like it.
2. Take measurements for [ profile] chargirlgenius's FGD flat pattern-making exercise.
3. Make super-awesome black and white striped shirt that I do not have a pattern for, because apparently there are no patterns for what I'm planning. Three-quarter length sleeves, boat neck raglan fitted through the body. The fabric I have is knit, and I haven't decided if I want to do a contrasting collar band yet or not. I'm aiming for apache dancer or casual Jackie O. Neckline like this but fitted through the body and sleeves.

I have a couple knitting designs and some plans for a steampunk costume and a George Sand costume floating around, but nothing concrete. I wanted to wear the steampunk outfit to GeekCon in Madison, for my first con evar. I thought it was in October though, and discovered last week that it is the week after Rachel's wedding. So out of the question! I'm going to spend that weekend . . . sleeping. Not driving anywhere or doing anything more strenuous than cleaning or writing or knitting.

*At the beginning of the summer, I was all, "I'm going to knit them an afghan!" except I forgot what knitting afghans in 90-degree temps was like. No way! I don't love anybody to the point of heat exhaustion. The butterfly thingy matches their kitchen and Rach has five separate entries for potholders/dish towels on her registry, so I feel safe about these choices. I'm subbing three days this week, so I know I have time to knit some domino and/or entrelac potholders. Double knitting, maybe?
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09 June 2008 @ 09:00 pm
I just got back in from checking my garden, and the gnats are out in full force. I didn't think of putting on any Off before I headed out because they haven't been bad yet this year, and it's relatively cool out tonight, so why worry? I also don't like spraying myself with insect repellent all that much, but I'll cave and do it when I'm out in the woods or the long grass. But when I'm out in the garden for fifteen minutes, I don't want to have to cover myself with chemicals to stay unscathed.

I've got a bite on my elbow, three or four on my lower back where my t-shirt rode up, and a couple other suspicious spots elsewhere. I know we've got some Afterbite in the house somewhere, but I can't locate it, and I don't think my mother would appreciate it if I tore apart her medicine cabinet in pursuit.

About that ethics and LJ icons I mentioned in my last entry: This page of Austen/Bronte icons was posted by the author in one of the communities I'm a member of, and I went, "Ooh, pretties!" Unfortunately, I looked at the pages she had linked in the sidebar, and one of them was Ladies Against Feminism. Now, the name was enough to get my hackles up, because . . . how can you be a woman and be against feminism? Then I clicked on it, and saw it was led by Jenny Chauncey and I knew I didn't want to look at it. "Oh," you say, "but her sewing patterns are so wonderful! What's wrong with her?"

Here's why )

I'm not really expecting anyone on my friends list to be in rampant disagreement with me, but there it is. Is it right to support, however little the gesture, someone whose world philosophy you are in complete disagreement with? Can I use icons in my LJ made by someone whose world philosophy I find offensive?
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So, I'm trapped inside today because I was running a fever last night, and I decided I'd better stick to the house this morning and rest. We'll see how I'm feeling when Mom gets home from work, because we're supposed to plant the garden before chores, and I really want to get out in the dirt and dig. But right now it's just me and my can of diet Dr. Pepper and a pad of graph paper.

Pad of graph paper? What are you going to do with that, Sarah? I hear you ask. Well, I will tell you, friends.

I am mapping out the garden plot, so we know where to plant what and what we've planted where, on the off chance our markers are destroyed. We'll also be able to figure out what to plop in the overflow plot that is going in our backyard. (The current garden plot is in the backyard of our old house, which we still don't know what will happen to. It will probably be torn down sometime in the next year . . . I think.) I think all the early stuff will be going in the first plot -- lettuce, radishes, etc. Peppers are being potted. The stuff that needs more maintenance -- tomatoes and squash, for example -- will be going in the overflow plot.

Wish me luck, folks! I've got a lot of seeds to cram into a 7' by 12'rectangle.
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27 April 2008 @ 07:06 pm
I could annihilate a bag of sea salt and vinegar kettle chips right now. Annihilate. Why did I have to be all sensible and only buy stuff I actually needed at the store this afternoon? Glucose tablets? I should have bought potato chips!

Mom and I started buying all the seeds for the vegetable garden today. We're starting out with leaf lettuces and radishes. We snagged a packet of these really cool radishes, which are called watermelon radishes because the inside is red and the outside is green. That page says that they do best in cool conditions, so I guess we should plant them soon, because it's going to be hot by the middle of June.

We also got some garlic, shallot and onion sets, along with some red potatoes. We looked for rutabaga seeds, since we both love those, but there were none to be found. Plenty of turnips, which taste like vomit, but not a single rutabaga seed. We're going to try Farm'n'Fleet and Menards before we give up, though. I suppose if we ordered some online right now, they'd be here in time to plant, since you're supposed to get them in the ground by mid-May.

We need to figure out what else we're going to plant. I was in favor of buying one of everything, but Mom nixed that idea. We're definitely going with:

swiss chard
squash (at least zucchini and summer squash, but I'd like some acorn and maybe spaghetti squash)
green beans of some sort
tomatoes (definitely not starting from seed)

Here's what we have already )

Huge garden this year!

I'd like to try some cantaloupe as well, but I don't think our garden is big enough for all that. I also don't know whether or not we're starting any flower beds this year or the herb garden. Mom was not in favor of planting catnip. Something about the cat being crazy enough all on his own.

Has anyone else noticed a massive increase in garden seed prices lately? I swear last year they were only 75 cents a package, but this year everything was more than a dollar per package.

In sweater news, I only have to set the second sleeve and I am done. Done done done! I should be wearing it by Tuesday, because all that ribbing definitely needs to be blocked.
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