04 January 2009 @ 09:29 pm
OK, so they're really more pre-WWI, but stripey warmness is something I'm a fan of regardless of the era. [ profile] bexi posted links to sweaters on that website, and I found these by poking around.

How much yarn do you think is required for those? The sample is made with Karabella Aurora 8, but the page doesn't give amounts, natch. The directions say one skein of black and two skeins of CC, but how much is in a skein? Blah!

Do you think 100 yards of black and 200 yards of CC would be enough? I'm thinking yes, especially since Ravelry tells me that these knit up as fitting a US size 10 or 11 ladies foot. I'm a 7.5/8, so I'll have to do some resizing.

Also, the note "Use worsted weight yarn knit tightly on a #6 needle" gives me pause, as I usually knit worsted weight on a US 6. Am I just a weirdo? Possibly. That's not all that tightly knit.

I believe I told myself I'd do NaCoFiMo this month, too. And finish some writing. *laughs*
06 November 2008 @ 10:24 pm
So, given how happy looking at my dressmaker's dummy is making me, with it all decked out in silk faille taffeta, I went looking for the 3/4 yard of fabric I had left. AND I COULD NOT FIND IT. Minor panic ensued. And then I remembered -- during the flood this summer, I threw out most of what was in my scrap box, because it was in the basement and it got moldy. All the fabric I had saved to make false sleeves and a plastron is gone.


What I'm wondering is if anyone on my friends list happened to purchase that same magenta silk faille when it was on Fashion Fabrics Club, and if they have any substantial scraps I can buy from them. Alternatively, does anyone know of any examples of a similar dress with contrasting sleeves and plastron? And what the hell color matches magenta?

In the course of this investigation, I also discovered that a wool shawl I knit (garter stitch triangle, picot bind-off) is full of moth egg cases. UGH. This makes me more sad than the silk faille, because as simple as it was, that shawl represented at least 12 hours of work, and the silk faille was maybe $8 worth. So, tomorrow, the shawl gets sent through the wash on hot. It's superwash. If it gets felted, then the cat has something new to sleep on.

NaNo advances apace. I'm a little bit behind, which really means I am not advancing apace. I do have that stuff I wrote previously that I was planning on using to give myself Thanksgiving off, but I guess that won't happen!

ETA: Ugh, you guys, you know what? I told myself I was saving money for Christmas presents, and if I don't have the budget to buy yarn, then I don't have the budget to buy fabric either. I will just have to look through my stash and keep my eyes open for something that will coordinate.
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26 November 2007 @ 07:11 am
I have declared today to be a day of getting things done. Here are the things I will do:

  1. Clean room.
  2. Get canvas, muslin and silk cut out for Victorian corset.
  3. Write 4,000 words before lunch, and 4,000 words after lunch.
  4. Finish hemming kirtle that I started to hem last fall.
  5. Finish hemming Tudor kirtle I started this summer, and reattach skirt. Bad cartridge pleating.
  6. Finish binding Elizabethan bodies started in July and sitting forlornly in period undergarment drawer since then.

If I get half these things done, it will be a successful day. Especially item 3.

Random thought: Norah is a great, great name. Must work it into NaNo somehow, as female main character is named Eleanor/Helena.
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21 September 2007 @ 08:27 pm
1. I am completely in love with the icon I'm using for this entry. Vintage photos of pretty girls? Pssst. Butterflies? Hell yeah!

2. Last night, I sketched up the design for the 1870s dress. The whole thing is here, but there are selected bits of it under the cut. Here's the original, if you need a refresher.

The purpose of this sketch was to get the seamlines of the jacket firmly in my head. You really can't see any seams in the photos I have, so I used this paletot from the March 1877 Peterson's magazine to give me a guide. It has two darts in the front, while the pink/gold bustle gown has only one, but I'll probably use the pattern for the paletot as a base. (My original plan was to use a Truly Victorian bodice pattern. In the end, it will probably be a combination.)

Behold my masterwork! )

If anybody has any suggestions about proportions, etc. feel free to share them!

Crossposted after a fashion (har har har) to [ profile] dressdiaries -- sorry if this shows up twice on your flist.
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