Doing chores tonight was absolutely terrible.

I've been dropping little notes here and there about how the calves are multiplying exponentially. So, just before Rachel's wedding, all the calves were weaned and put out to pasture, so we had nearly two months where there were no calves to feed, so I had essentially no chores to do. It was awesome. Now, all the new calves are coming in, and it's insane. In less than two weeks, we've had 21 calves come in. Today, we brought in three, and there was another cow having a calf when we were in the pasture. So, tomorrow, there will be 25 calves in the barn, up from 19 on Saturday night.

Anyway, getting those three calves in tonight was incredibly frustrating and irritating and made me want to run away. I'll tell you why, starting from the beginning.

Loooooooooong )

All that's probably unintelligible, but if you made it through it all, I salute you!

It was just massive FAIL all around. Dad's a really poor communicator when it comes to things like herding cattle. He has a plan, but he never tells anyone what the plan is beforehand. Then the four-wheeler breaks down or the cattle have their own plan (since he doesn't tell the cows the plan either), which is never part of his plan, and we end up yelling at each other. We kind of need a war room in the barn, with a big map of the farm and little cow figures that we can push around with sticks.

Farming! Ooh, boy!

You know what would make me feel better? Some hand-dyed yarn in a squishy merino in shades of olive green. Like, mmm, Malabrigo. Or whatever it is that calls themselves. Guess what isn't in my budget with Christmas coming up? Squishy hand-dyed yarn in olive greens. *sigh*

I'm going to settle for a restorative glass of wine and a shower. Not necessarily in that order. And I might stare at the my catfish icon for a long while, because it's hypnotic and soothing.