04 January 2008 @ 09:07 am
Yesterday I dyed some laceweight merino for my recreation of the "Half-Cap for Wearing Under a Bonnet" from Cornelia Mee's 1842 Exercises in Knitting. It's for a Librivox project -- it's in a link on the sidebar of my journal.

I followed this guide to dyeing with icing dyes from PieKnits. I dyed a lot less yarn than she did, but used the same amount of icing dye, so there was no danger of the dye bath not being saturated enough.

The results were, I think, very successful. I created an album in my scrapbook of the process.

I'm skeining up some more laceweight merino right now to dye for a lace cap of the same shape as
[ profile] koshka_the_cat's sortie cap. I'm going to dye it today while I watch The Madness of King George and cover the 1850s bonnet I started in October, I think. I'm finishing it now so I can show off all the bonnet caps I've been knitting, which as been the entirety of post-Christmas knitting.

Now I'm off to look at what color things 1850s and '60s ladies were wearing on their heads when it comes to bonnet caps.
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