22 November 2007 @ 03:10 am
Happy Thanksgiving, friends! This is just a quick update to let you know, on this the most turkey-filled of days, what I've been up to lately. (Besides ignoring my friends list, OK?) Let's do it with a list, 'cuz I love those.

  1. Found a job doing substitute work. No, not teaching, since I'm not licensed for that. Secretarial, teacher's aide (i.e. helping autisitc kids), and (ohmyfavorite) lunch lady-ing. Honestly, I really do like the lunch lady-ing, because my mom's co-workers tell me all sorts of delicious gossip.
  2. Made a mock-up of a Victorian corset for my bustle gown project. See here for pictures of me in my underwear.
  3. NaNoWriMo like a . . . very bad word that I cannot bring myself to mention in a post with my mommy in it. More about that after the numbered list, OK?
  4. Hearing about my sister getting ENGAGED! Yay! I better be in that wedding; promises have been made many a year ago.

About the NaNo: It is ohsoexciting and Victorian lit-ish and an excerpt can be read here. Basically, it's based on The Two Sisters, only with more time travel and a little less intentional homicide.

Right now, I'm up reading about Corn Laws, which confuse me entirely because it's economics. I'm feeling very strong urges to make my male protagonist a member of the Anti-Corn-Law League, because then he could engage in acts of domestic terrorism and be very subversive. Punk 1840s-style! But no, that would change my plot entirely and I don't have time for that. Why?

I've written 13,000 words people. I have less than ten days to find 37,00 more. Be afraid for me. Be very afraid.