25 March 2008 @ 01:13 am
So, like two weeks ago when I made the initial post asking for questions, any questions!, A Friend asked a question I have yet to answer. I shall do so today. (im in ur frends list, cloggin up ur pages)

Apparently the comments came unscreened? Maybe because I forgot to screen my replies? Nobody asked anything licentious, so I think you're all safe. If you would like your comment screened, drop me a note and I'll whisk them away. Like Calgon!

I am also open to additional questions at this time.

Anyway, the question asked was thus: What is it about historical dress that so appeals to you?

The historical costumers on my list will realize this is a huge question. Like King Kong big. I'm afraid this post might read like a girl on a rambling drunk talking about ex-boyfriends, but I shall try to refrain from talking smack about Victorian costume, which briefly lured me away from my one true love, the 16th century (the bitch).

O, my luve is like a red, red rose )

I still really like living in modern times. Modern medicine can't be beat. Germ theory is great. Let's hear it for science! And freedom of religion and women working in non-menial jobs outside of the home and blue jeans and a million of other things. Whoo, modern age!
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