10 September 2007 @ 01:04 am
Sooo, spinning ever forward and having finished my current projects (Tudor kirtle, Elizabethan corset, and 18th century skirt (pictures forthcoming; loading them on dial-up take yonks), tonight I shall analyze my next sewing project.

First the story )

Long story short, sometime in the first two weeks in January (we think), we'll be heading to the Pabst Mansion in Milwaukee in full Victorian regalia. We'll be able to catch the tail-end of their Christmas extravaganza. If anybody else is interested in meeting up there and maybe grabbing a meal, let me know, please. (Dreams of high tea flitting through my head.)

Here's the link to the gallery of pictures of I have of my inspiration dress. I snagged the photos off Vintage Textile a while ago, but the dress was originally on the Whitaker Auction site. It has since disappeared from both sites, so I'm glad I grabbed the photos when I did.

The dress is dated between 1875 and 1880, according to the text that accompanied it on Vintage Textile. It's likely of French origin. What drew me to it is the, as Vintage Textile said, "superb quality of design." It's very subdued for a bustle dress, and lacks the usual window drapery air. (Is it a dress or is it a set of drapes? The world may never know.)

I have my doubts about the date given by Vintage Textile, though I'm sure they'd know better than me. 1875-1880 is the Natural Form period, and this still has a pretty prominent backwards protrusion. I haven't seen anything like this silhouette in a brief perusal of fashion plates for the era, but anything's possible, I guess.

The Plan )

Of course, the greatest question I have is how I'm going to stand a two-hour drive to Milwaukee in this get-up. If this really was the 1880s, then I'd just hop on the train in Livingston or Montfort in the morning, and be there before lunch. I'm not sure if that would be more comfortable than a compact car or not.
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