18 January 2007 @ 01:59 am
At long last, I have photos from the Dickens ball I went to at the beginning of December. They were hidden on my friend's computer in a folder of cat photos, which sounds plausible to me. Her cats are crafty, and probably put them there themselves.

I have to tell you that I look like a hag in most of them, so apologies for that.

All of us together. From left to right: me, Eric, Dawn. As the night wore on, everybody's clothes magically started fitting better. In the following photos, you can see how they've settled on our bodies in this one. I know my corset shifted downwards about halfway through the night and everything magically fit better.

My horribly magenta ballgown )

Dawn's dainty dress )

The manliest man in the manliest vest ever )

The aftermath )