27 May 2008 @ 01:36 pm
On a happier note, my world-traveling friend has made it back from China, and we've set the date for a 1920s picnic on the lawn of the Gundry House in Mineral Point. Rather, we've set a loose date -- sometime at the end of the summer. Why 1920s? Because there's no way in hell we're playing croquet in bustle dresses in August.

So, friends, what are your favorite resources for 1920s clothing? The only thing I can think of is the Patterns of Fashion book that covers the 20th century -- is it to 1940 or 1930? I'm totally going to be making a 1920s bra to flatten my bazooms รก la [ profile] green_martha. I also think I'll be hauling out my 1920s home ec manual to make my slip, which will probably be plain cotton broadcloth.

I've been looking at tea dresses on Vintage Textile, because I have those 4 yards of cotton voile/batiste/sheer fabric rolling around. These are my favorites:

1924 Beaded Voile Dress -- Three-quarter length sleeves are awesome for me, because I hate my upper arms. And it has set-in sleeves, rather than kimono sleeves, which are more flattering. Also, I could mimic the beading (which I would never get done by August) with tambour embroidery. White on white? Or black on white?
ca. 1930 Embroidered and Smocked Tea Dress -- The shape would be so much more flattering for someone shaped like me, which is the opposite of the 1920s silhouette. But all that smocking, ugh!

Do check out this really cool 1830s petticoat I found on Whitaker Auctions, too. Isn't that flounce terrific?

Or should I go with a sweater and a pleated skirt? 1920s sweaters are basically big rectangles or the body, with standard sleeves. I'm not even sure I'd need a pattern.
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