05 October 2008 @ 02:09 am
You guys, I knit a hat! It's the first thing I've knitted since . . . oh, lord, July, I think. And it felt damned good.

I made up the pattern as I went along, utilizing Alica Starmore's book on Fair Isle knitting and my worsted weight wool yarn scraps. There's all sorts in there, and even a little alpaca.

Yarns: Cascade 220 (flamingo), Elann Peruvian Highland Wool (burgundy/claret and light blue), Plymouth Galway Worsted (navy blue, white, rose pink, pale pink, dark green), KnitPicks Palette (palest pink, 3 strands), Atacama Auracania (turquoise and it's alpaca, 2 strands).
Needles: Size 8

It's a splendid miscellany!

There's a knitted lining there that started out as a knitted in hem, but I realized that the worsted weight made the knitting too bulky for a knitted in hem, so it turned into a full lining. It's very incredibly warm.

offthetopofmyhead 024

I am looking at you over the top of my glasses VERY COYLY.

offthetopofmyhead 017"

offthetopofmyhead 032

It's blocking right now. It is unblocked in the pictures. The stitches evened out some, but I definitely stranded the white too tight and probably the turquoise. The issue with the turquoise not showing up might be that there's also black on the strand, so it sort of disappears into the navy blue. I can't tell. It's dark in here and no amount of interior lighting equals daylight.

But hooray! Hat!

Sadly, my goal when I started this was to knit myself a new barn hat because the one I used last winter got felted and now is child-sized. I don't think this hat will be coming anywhere near any cows.

Totally random note: I think it might be possible to replace Sarah Palin with Tina Fey and have nobody notice. It would be almost exactly like The Prince and the Pauper but I can't imagine what lesson Sarah Palin would learn. I mean, other than boggling at Tina's ability to be a much better vice-presidential candidate.
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