19 April 2009 @ 04:54 am
New compy is a lot of work. I cannot even explain the amount of crazy-stupid time I have spent sitting in front of my computer, just clicking buttons. Yes, install this. No, don't install that. No, do not make this program launch on start. No, I don't need to install a toolbar in Firefox. Maddening.

Unrelated sidenote: Gus has become too fat to jump up on the windowsill in my room. Admittedly I am using it as a bookshelf and there's a potted plant as a bookend, but he really ought to be able to hop up there. So in order to get up on the bookshelf, he stretches up and pats it with his paw, and then looks at me, like I'm supposed to do something to solve the problem. I do, of course, and lift him up on the windowsill, where he sits and watches birds in the front yard. Darn birds! They taunt him.

By the way, thanks to everyone who commented on my kitty's adorability on my entry about Gus and fabric. He is a very handsome cat. Pretty much evil, but very charming in physical character.

I also seem to have lost my discs for MS Word. :( We'll see if I can run it from the old hard drive once I get that situation sorted. Meanwhile, I'm trialing free word processor programs to see if I can just replace Word altogether. Right now I'm downloading Jarte, and we'll see how I like that. The free version doesn't feature background spell checking (red squiggly lines while you type) or autocorrect, so if that drives me too crazy, I think I'll try Open Office next.

I went to garage sales on Friday and scored a major haul. I'd tell you, but I want to keep it a secret until I have photos. I've taken some, but I need to install Photoshop so I can edit them. It might be a couple days or more. But trust me. It was an amazing shopping adventure, if only because of the other people. But more on them at a later date.

I will tell you that I bought enough Spinnerin Frostlon Petite (67% mohair, 33% Orlon acrylic) in pale yellow to make a short-sleeved cardigan or pullove. Six skeins? For FIFTY CENTS? Damn right I snapped that up. Apparently the mother of the woman who was running that garage sale used to do square dancing, because there were tons of square dancing dress patterns and entire Rubbermaid tubs filled with nothing but yards and yards of ruffled lace. It was like it was harvest time and the petticoats were in season.

Anyway, the reason I'm so excited about the Frostlon Petite is that I have an entire book of Bernat knitting patterns from the early 60s, which includes a variety of horrifying bucket hats. Maybe a horrifying bucket hat is in my future? Maybe! Although, I do have the urge to go 1950s with my Frostlon Petite (oh, god, you just do not get yarn names like that anymore!). How cute would a little puffed sleeve sweater with a pencil skirt be? Of course, there is the torpedo boob issue, which is a serious consideration, as it would be a shame if I blind someone or myself.
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