26 January 2009 @ 09:03 pm
So, what have I been up to? Not working on the not-Effigy bodies, that's for sure. Or a red kirtle. And definitely not crocheting a baby blanket.

I give my thanks to all of you who voted in that last poll about what crochet stitch pattern to use for the baby blanket. I ended up going with none of the choices, though. I swatched for the two crochet stitches, and discovered that the Lace Ripple had hyooge holes in it, for baby's fingers to get caught. I also discovered that I really hated working the other stitch pattern. Go figure!

So I'm knitting a log cabin baby blanket. In garter stitch.

Didn't I say that I hated knitting big squares? I did. Somehow the fact that I'm actually knitting long rectangles picked up from the previous rectangles is totally acceptable to me. Modular knitting changes everything, apparently. To further prove my inability to commit to a concept and/or dislike, I'm thinking about how much fun a garterlac (entrelac done in garter stitch) baby blanket would be. In BRIGHT colors, since these are so dull. I really like this baby blanket, which is again log cabin, but done as squares and then crocheted together.

babyblanket 016

Ravelry project link

This is as big as it gets. There are some more in my Flickr, but they're not terribly illuminating. It's dark here! Also, it's just a big modular square, so it's not like there's a lot of important structural detail to observe.


-- center square is 23 stitches/50 rows, which through the magic of garter stitch makes it a square
-- log cabin "rounds" are 1 stitch picked up for every 2 rows, and 1 stitch for every bound-off stitch, knit for 24 rows/12 garter ridges; each round adds another 6.5 inches to the width of the blanket
-- When I finish this round it will be 20 inches square; I'm aiming for a finished size of 36-42 inches square.

For the color scheme, I'm going to do another round of the dusty purple, then another of the gray, and the final round will be of the dark purple. I think I'm probably going to have to buy another skein of the gray and another of dusty purple.

I'm thinking about finishing it off by picking up stitches all around and knitting a square border. You increase in each corner to do that -- the stitch in the corner is an axial stitch, and then you increase on either side of it. It would be cool if I could find a garter stitch that results in waves/scallops on the edge. Like feather and fan/old shale, but without the holes.

My other thought is just to do a scalloped crochet border. Of course, since it's garter and won't curl, I don't have to do a border at all.

I like it a lot! I think it looks nice. And Mom keeps getting this speculative look in her eye when she sees it, like, "Oh, wouldn't it be nice if Sarah could knit a big afghan for the living room!" Yes, it would be nice. Perhaps you can find another Sarah to do it, as there are so many of them in this world. This Sarah was not meant to knit afghans for people who weigh more than ten pounds.
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