28 March 2009 @ 04:52 pm
I'm in such a bad mood, folks. My computer problems continue. I was all set to buy a new power supply, which would be the cheapest solution, only now my CD tray no longer works, one of the USB ports isn't working, and I'm kind of waiting to see what else stops working.

I've been pricing new computers, and I can't find anything that's just the tower. I have a very nice monitor, nice speakers and a printer already. I do not need a completely new system. Just a tower! (Admittedly, I haven't looked for very long, because my computer overheats and then I have to wait an hour before I can start again.)

On top of that, I really don't want to upgrade to Vista, because I have a bunch of software that's not compatible with it. My Sims! My Photoshop! How am I supposed to live without The Sims 2 and Photoshop?

This is so frustrating. I sent two patterns today that people bought earlier this week, because today was the first day that my computer stayed cool enough long enough to upload the PDFs to Gmail. And I can't listen to music at all, because it heats my computer up too quickly.

I'm also cutting a wisdom tooth, which hurts like a son of a bitch. No wonder babies are so cranky when they're teething. I'm this close to chewing on a bag full of ice.

Does anyone have any experience with refurbished computers from Overstock.com? They have just towers and it looks like they might have computers that have XP and not Vista. I also need something that I can put a dial-up modem in.

Ugh. Looks like I'll be needing to send my Uncle Donnie, computer guru, an e-mail.

ETA: But wait! There's more! It's snowing like crazy and it's sticking. Chores are going to miserable tonight. So cold, so cold.

Bright side of all of this fail: I ordered some roving from Etsy, and I've been drop spindling. It's . . . um, what I'm making is woefully inconsistent. Laceweight in some spots, chunky in others, worsted, DK, sport. I think I've hit every yarn weight there is. But I'm making yarn! It's pretty cool. I also finished a shawl and I've got a couple of mitt designs in the works, both of which I like a lot. And today I deep cleaned my room, which needed it. My little bookcase is so tidy; it's amazing. Now I've just got the dresser and the desk and the other bookcase and the closet to clean. Ha!
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