27 June 2008 @ 05:50 pm
I'm not the only one who sees something wrong with this dress, am I? I'm thinking of [ profile] attack_laurel's narrowly avoided boob wreaths. (Blue and white dress, people who aren't me.)

So, I have the Summer 2008 issue of InStyle Weddings, and while there's a lot of fug in it, there was something in the etiquette section that just made me grumpy. I'm just typing it out because I don't feel like paraphrasing.

Not all of my guests sent me gifts! Waah! )

Is it just me, or does this operate on the assumption that every guest should and will give a gift? Now, I know it's usual for a guest at a wedding to give a gift, but it should absolutely not be assumed that they will. The role of a wedding guest isn't a potential giver of gifts, but a loved one who is there to help you celebrate your marriage. That's it. They're guests; you're the host. It's especially not right to think of the expected gift as an "admission fee". I'm not saying that this answer does, but there are people who have that mindset.

There's also an ad in here that features a model in a Victorian corset worn backwards while feeding tulle through a pedaled Singer. AGH.

I think it's silly to get all tetchy when someone doesn't bring a hostess gift to a dinner party. I mean, a bottle of wine or dessert is a nice gesture, but I never invited someone to my house for dinner because I was angling for booze or chocolate. It was always because I enjoyed their company (and I hate to eat alone; handicap of growing up with a large family).
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