23 March 2008 @ 08:34 pm
Last night I stumbled across these webcomics (web manga? web graphic novellas?). They're both pretty good, but they're not funny. Amusing, yes, but they don't have punchlines the way, um, Pearls Before Swine does. The first one is definitely like a manga, and I would say that the art style is heavily influenced by manga and anime. The art that is incredibly beautiful, by the way.

The Phoenix Requiem -- This is very much in the vein of all that Japanese anime and manga that is set in a vaguely Victorian time period. (Think Rose & Camellia slapping game or that one manga about the dolls competing to be head doll.) This mysterious man shows up on All Soul's Night (which is like Christmas for us), having been shot multiple times. He is saved from death by Anya, who is in training to be a doctor, despite that decidedly not being women's role in their society. Oh, and riding around on caribou is the main from of non-pedal transportation. I like it a lot.

Roza -- This is very fairy tale-ish (which means I love it). It's about a young girl named Roza who is under a strange curse. The story follows her adventures toward breaking it, with plenty of incidental derring do along the way. She has a little possum-like friend. Like the previous comic, it's in progress, but there are plenty of back pages to read (around 50). The artwork on this is absolutely beautiful: sort of Arabian, with lots of flowing hair and organic shapes and the expressions on the animals are fantastic. Really, look at the cover page for the first chapter. Isn't that lovely?

Sorry if any of that's confusing. My words are broken tonight.