20 September 2007 @ 01:22 am
Since I needed a new chemise for the bustle outfit, I made one today. I was planning on using my 1860s chemise, but I hate it*, so I ripped it apart to make this one. It took me about four hours, from drafting the pattern to hemming. I used the 1889 chemise pattern from The Ladies Treasury, a online collection of patterns/articles from 19th century fashion magazines.

And I know I promised pictures of myself in my underwear sometime on this journal, but today is not that day. It's just laid out on my bed.

  • Fabric: about 2.5 yards of 36" wide cotton muslin
  • Thread: White Guterman polyester
  • Notions: White polyester/cotton eyelet lace, app. 1.5 yards

An Ode to Singer Sewing Machines OR Zig Zag Stitches I Have Known )

I am pleased with it. It took very little time, and it has a little bit of lace on it. It makes me feel girly. There's nothing especially to be proud about with the construction, but I know I can toss it in the washing machine and not worry. It balances out.

Of course, now I have the urge to make myself a pair of drawers with tons of embroidery and lace and tucks. But I'm out of white muslin, so it's going to have to wait.

*The 1860s chemise was the Simplicity pattern, the sleeves were too full to fit under anything. I can't figure out what the pattern designer was thinking with that.
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