11 October 2008 @ 12:37 am
It is apparently my mission today to spam everyone's friends lists. So, happy Spam-mas, everybody!

I was just on the Knitpicks website, intending to buy a US 7 fixed circular needle, because I love the finish on the metal tips. So smooth. Such a pleasure to knit with.

And then I discovered that Knitpicks only offers fixed circular needles in sizes below US 4. Everything above that is an interchangeable -- the cords screw into the needle tips. The US 7 tips are $5.99 and the cords are $3.99, so that's $10 for the needles right there, and then shipping is another three bucks. Nearly fifteen bucks for a single knitting needle? Fuck that noise, Knitpicks! I've knit with interchangeables before, and I've heard so many bad things about Knitpicks interchangeables that I am not inclined to spend that much on a single knitting needle. Give me my fixed circulars or give me death.

So, I went to, where I can buy Inox Express for $6. Free shipping. Eat that, Knitpicks.

On an unrelated note, my new obsession is Twilight snark. Like, I've laughed myself silly over it. Growing Up Cullen made me hurt myself a little from the snorting laughter that came out of me. The crowning achievement of that series (?) is definitely the scrapbooking post.


[ profile] cigarettes214, please reassure me that I have not gone insane. I didn't even make it through the first book. But I am addicted to the lolfans.