So, looking at my new costuming obsession (the bustle gown is still being worked on; I'm just waiting for some books through ILL), these are some conclusions I've reached:

-- It's knit out of laceweight wool yarn, probably on modern US size 1 needles, give or take a size. The stitches look too coarse to be any smaller.
-- I could knit this for less than $50 in yarn.
-- The undergarments for it would come to appreciably more than $50.

Status: Pipe dream, at the moment. Needs more research.

Also, I've currently got a huge zit on my chin. I haven't had a zit like this since . . . ever. Even in high school, blackheads were more the bane of my existence than pimples. The one that's currently setting up shop on my chin is about the size of a small pea, I'd say, or maybe a large lentil. I've been putting hot compresses on it in the hopes that it will blossom and fade like one of those lilies that smells like rotting meat but that only bloom once every decade for fifteen minutes. Why? Because I'm going to town tomorrow and the dreamy pharmacist* works on Fridays.

Since this pimple is so very special, I've decided it needs a name. And I need your help!

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*I've never written about him before, but trust me. Way dreamy, gorgeous smile, very nice to cranky girls in their early 20s who have been waiting in line for half an hour behind crankier old people. I would not like to jeopardize that with a sentient chin-dweller.
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