25 March 2008 @ 01:08 am
I watched the second episode of the John Adams miniseries on HBO tonight. I think I'm addicted, though the poignancy of it all keeps bugging me a lot. I feel like a lot of the acting is overdone, not in a hammy sense, but in a sort of history angst way. Instead of being the intelligent, witty family that their papers show them to be, Adams et famille keep coming off as rather . . . dull. Not dumb, but boring and poignant. Everything is on a knife's point -- I really feel that it needs a little bit of lightness thrown in to relieve the emotional manipulation. The only relief is little Charles constantly running headlong into danger.

So, to relieve myself when it all gets to be too much, I start singing this song from 1776. That makes me feel better.

I am enjoying it, despite the heavy handedness. The theme song, for example, is fantastic. I hope we play it in city band this summer, or something like it. I'm just a fool for a sea chantey on a fiddle with some flutes backing it up. Makes me want to jig or break into a hornpipe. The costuming is also pretty good, though I wish they had given Nabby Adams some extensions. Shoulder-length hair on an 18th-century girl just seems wrong to me.

One product of unmitigated good:

I am definitely in handsome-guy-in-a-wig-and-knee-breeches overload. Mein Gott in himmel! Mr. John Hancock looks very good in a powdered wig. Very good indeed. And the representatives from the Carolinas in their entirety all look pretty fine in their side curls and finely fitted coats.

It's all really making me wish there such a thing as Hallowe'en in April, though, because I absolutely feel the need for a robe a l'anglaise now. And big hair. HUGE hair.

I have the third episode recorded, and I cannot wait until they arrive at the French court. Whoo! Ben Franklin sexing up the French ladies!
Current Music: High Germany -- Heidi Talbot