15 December 2007 @ 01:50 pm
Browsing through the ladies' magazines on Google Books has brought me to the following conclusions:

Peterson's Magazine is superior to other magazines because it has lots of pictures and very nice illustrations and pattern diagrams. The London and Paris Ladies' Magazine of Fashion is superior to Peterson's Magazine, because it has lots of pictures in COLOR.

That's about it. I love pictures. Screw words, gimme line drawings.

Amazing teal dress from The London & Paris Ladies' Fashion Magazine (1881) )

I don't usually like the pannier style that pops up around 1880, but this is an exception. (Panniers being the way the skirt is gathered up over the hips.) I love the way this is trimmed, and that the trim looks like leopard spotted fabric. I know it's probably a floral, but it really looks like leopard spots, and that's hilarious. And it's got a kicky little train. And it's teal! How can I not love that?

It kind of looks like she's pooing the bustle in the back view, though, and that's not very nice.

EDIT: Found another dress, this time a burgundy and pink number.

Oh, Victorian color sense, you shall never be seen again )

EDIT EDIT: Found another, had to share.

Oh, delicious red embroidery on a white dress )