24 June 2007 @ 03:58 am
Since I can't sleep:

So I may have sorta kinda mentioned to a friend (who also likes to play grown-up dress-up) that I'd lovelovelove if we could find more people to dress up with in the area, since southwest Wisconsin is kind of barren when it comes to big damn dress events. I also may have mentioned that a 1920s picnic would be amazing, and she concurred.

But how do you go about it? Do you put up posters looking for interested people? Do you put an ad in the paper? Does anyone know how the more Internet-famous groups got started (i.e. GBACG)? Anyone know where else I can ask these questions?

We have no problem with putting on some drop-waist dresses and plopping down on a blanket in the park by ourselves, but we'd really like to have more than two people out there, and have more events later on. Most the events that I know about in Wisconsin that call for "costumes" are on the other side of the state -- Bristol Renaissance Faire (just north of Chicago on the border), Civil War re-enactments, Old World Wisconsin, etc. There is a fairly large Civil War re-enactment outside of Boscobel (which is nearby) every year, but that's the only thing I know about. I know there's a SCA group in the area, too, but I'd really love to do things outside of that period and without the burden of creating a persona and staying in character. Same goes for Civil War re-enactments. The local college town has a War of 1812 bazaar-thing every fall, too.

Basically, I'd like to attend things where I can wear costumes without driving four or five hours to get there.

So, basically, how do you find like-minded people?
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