19 August 2008 @ 08:55 pm
I posted this on [ profile] steam_knits last night, and didn't get quite the feedback I was expecting. I don't really want to change the post enough to get feedback on [ profile] knitting (what with the no-crossposting rule), so I'm posting it here in hopes that you guys can offer more insight.

Yarn: Salvaged from a sweater. It's 80% wool/20% acrylic, I think. It's felted a bit, and has a really nice texture when knitted up. It's on the heavier side of worsted.
Needles: Size 8 US/5 mm
Size: For my head (22"), but it stretches a lot, so I would say it fits up to a 25" skull
Pattern: Made up by me in a very scientific manner
Linkage: Ye Olde Ravelry Page

Let's just pretend these were taken in an airship somewhere and not in my bathroom )

OK, so it's pretty cute right now, but what I'm fussed over is the decreases on the side panels. I feel that it might look better if the center triangle was wider, and the two columns of garter rib on the sides were narrower, so that the point where all the decreases come together was lower down -- closer to my jaw. The double decrease column has to stay where it is -- radiating from the crown -- because that's the one that makes the side panels curve right. The apex of the curve has to be on the crown. I'm concerned, though, that if I make the bottom panel of garter rib narrower, that it won't cup the bottom of the head right.

Plans to improve it:

-- try a stitch with a smoother texture -- that pretty much leaves stockinette or stockinette-based lace or King Charles brocade, maybe?
-- shift the decrease columns so that the center decrease section is wider and therefor longer
-- try moving the edge of the cap forward so it comes over my forehead
-- taper the center panel in the back so it cups the back of the head more

Anybody have an insight or opinions they want to offer?